“Choose an author as you would a friend.”__Wentworth Dillon

Once upon a time — while hosting another blog — I became known as “an author’s Fairy Godmother.” The posts for debut and about-to-be released books were presented with an emphasis on introducing the writer to interested readers. After all our imaginations are not confined to the characters or storylines between a book’s covers. Spending hours reading the author’s tale creates a companionship that lasts well beyond the end of their pages. Even if you only wonder when their next book is due out, you care about that storyteller who is so much more than two sentences on a backflap dust jacket.

By being an author’s Fairy Godmother, I’m able to grant opportunities to divine the truth or, at least, the location of authors. The fact is that almost every published book writer now has a website which is filled with personal and professional news. Other authors blog about more current events in their lives, many Twitter on a daily basis and then there are those who comment on Facebook. Indeed our favorite wordsmiths are out there, you simply have to know where to look.

To make the search easier, though, why not begin looking with a click on the Authors page! There — listed alphabetically — you’ll find writers of various genres, their contact information, and their books. Since all have voluntarily provided these addresses, please don’t be shy…feel free to follow them. Also explore The Divining Wand’s other pages. To use the authors’ term, describing their actual writing of a book, this site is a “work-in-progress” as additions to pages will be made, revisions will be noted and “almost” daily posts will share whatever is news.

And, while it’s true that book and author sites abound, remember only an authors’ Fairy Godmother waves The Divining Wand!