What If….Emily Winslow, Tish Cohen,
Eve Brown-Waite?

What If….Emily Winslow, Tish Cohen,
Eve Brown-Waite?

What a day — or more — for a daydream in the summer heat of July. In fact it feels like the perfect time to wonder “what if” The Divining Wand possessed magical powers and could grant authors, who create their own magic with “what if,” the following two questions:

Based only on their writing, what author would you want to be?


If given the opportunity to have written ONE book in your lifetime, what would that title be?

~ Emily Winslow (The Whole World):

“I like Ruth Rendell’s career longevity and vivid characters. I’d love to look back at the end of my career and see a stack of books like hers!”

The Secret History was my favorite book for years. I have no idea if it would still be my favorite if I re-read it now; I read it while an undergraduate myself, so it was a case of perfect timing. But I would love to write something so iconic.”

~ Tish Cohen (Town House, Inside Out Girl, Little Black Lies YA, The Truth About Delilah Blue):

“Elizabeth Strout.” “Olive Kittridge.”

~ Eve Brown-Waite (First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria: How A Peace Corps Poster Boy Won My Heart and A Third World Adventure Changed My Life):

“Amy Tan because she’s such an incredible writer. Or Anne Lamott because she writes just the kinds of books I want to write.”

“FIRST COMES LOVE, THEN COMES MALARIA – because I am quite certain that was the book I was always meant to write. And if I never get a chance to write another book, I’ll always be content that I at least got to write that one.”

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4 thoughts on “
What If….Emily Winslow, Tish Cohen,
Eve Brown-Waite?

  1. I love these kinds of questions. I wrote a blog post once asking something similar. I’d just finished reading Nora Ephron’s Heartburn and would have given my left arm to have written it myself.

    As for which author I’d like to be? That is tough. Super tough. But here are a few that come to mind:
    Joan Didion
    Tom Perotta
    Zoe Heller
    Judy Blume
    Katherine Dunn

  2. YAY for Amy Tan!

    My one writer would probably be Nora Roberts — I think she’s funny, clear in her prose, and comes up with fantastic stories of all kinds. (Plus her prolific-ness has led to an amazing career!)

    My one book would probably be THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES. That book was magic to me. (The HUNGER GAMES trilogy is a close second, even though it’s a trilogy and the 3rd book isn’t even out yet, lol. Shhh…)

  3. I love hearing the answer to these sorts of questions from the authors I love to read! It makes me feel like I know them a little bit better and that only enhances the reading experience for me! Thanks for the post!

  4. I love Ruth Rendell! And I think I’d add Agatha Christie as an author I aspire to emulate….so prolific, and such memorable characters.

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