Barrie Summy and I So Don’t Do Makeup

Barrie Summy and I So Don’t Do Makeup

For all tween mystery fans, Barrie Summy (I So Don’t Do Mysteries, I So Don’t Do Spooky) has put Sherry (short for Sherlock) Holmes Baldwin back out in the world, to solve her THIRD mystery in I So Don’t Do Makeup.

Readers can expect two differences — one minor, one major — in this book with the first being that the mystery is introduced almost immediately. According to the author, “this is one of the great things about writing a series! Readers know the characters and expect a certain voice. In this case, they expect a mystery. So, the writer gets to jump right into the thick of things more quickly.”

And that’s exactly what Sherry does EXCEPT this time (major difference) she’s not using her detective skills to help her mom — a policewoman, who died in a drug bust well over a year ago, and is now a member of the ghost patrol watching over the real world. On the contrary, Mom urges Sherry to stay away from this mystery but, alas, even “spirit” Moms have only so much control. Besides, Sherry and her friends have been innocent victims of this crime.

To better understand, here’s the synopsis:

This third mystery about fast-thinking sleuth Sherry Holmes Baldwin is perfect for tweens and teens who love investigating with heroines they can relate to.

What’s better than a sleepover? A sleepover with makeovers! Sherry and her friends have an awesome time with eye shadow, glitter, and more hair products than a salon. But when the girls wake up the next morning with serious skin issues, Sherry is freaked. Someone must have tampered with her makeup!

It turns out that the mall’s cosmetics kiosk has had lots of products returned by upset customers. Sherry is determined to get to the bottom of things. After all, she’s a bit of a crime-solving celebrity (well, at least in the spirit world). Ghost academies around the world are impressed by Sherry’s and her ghost mom’s skills.

And if anyone can solve a mystery involving mascara, it’s Sherry Holmes Baldwin.

Now view I So Don’t Do Makeup book trailer that showcases the storyline.

What Barrie Summy has done in this book is to have Sherry and her friends put aside their differences to work toward a common goal of solving the crime! Indeed they use their common sense, research and technological skills, along with bravery and commitment, in order to succeed. Talk about empowerment and enhancing preteen self-concepts…not only for Sherry, but for her fans!

The author admits she admires Sherry’s tenacity, especially when things don’t come easily for her, the character refuses to give up. As a Mother of four children, however, Barrie knows even the best child isn’t perfect. In fact she’s not afraid to reveal Sherry’s flaws — a few being a lack of preparation for schoolwork combined with a degree of thoughtlessness for a teacher. As an adult this scene upset me, while the author hopes it makes young readers “feel a little uncomfortable and encourages them to evaluate their own behavior in a similar situation.”

The bottom line is that as much fun, character-building, and outwitting adults scenarios as there are in these tween mysteries, there are also important lessons to be learned. Well beyond the glitter and glamour products of I So Don’t Do Makeup is a basic wholesome tale of preteens respecting the value between right and wrong, then doing their best to have justice served.

I So Don’t Do Makeup is available now and by remembering last week’s post, Guest Barrie Summy and Her Middle Grade School Fans, both girls and boys love this series…especially during summer vacation days!

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4 thoughts on “Barrie Summy and I So Don’t Do Makeup

  1. So excited to see this next instalment! I love that Barrie has created such a true to life character with real strengths and flaws! No wonder tweens love this series.

  2. My daughter is heading to middle school next year. I’m sure she would love this book! Although, I think she’ll want to wear makeup. 🙂

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