For Your Heath and Well-Being

For Your Heath and Well-Being

HEALTHOur reading recommendations switch today from fiction to fact as Lisa Davis (founder, director, host, etc., of It’s Your Health, the radio program “dedicated to providing strategies for healthier living”) offers two books that detail options for life.

The first is about the choices in giving birth, while the second enables choosing to enjoy the deliciously craved food of life. Please note that the first program will air this Thursday, March 4th, from 9:30 – 9:50 a.m., and the second author interview is scheduled for next Tuesday, March, 9th at 9:30 – 9:45 a.m.

And now here’s to Your Health and Well-Being:


BestBirthYour Best Birth: Know All Your Options, Discover the Natural Choices, and Take Back the Birth Experience by Ricki Lake, Abby Epstein

Are you expecting or know someone who is? Then this may be the book for you! Former talk show host Ricki Lake, also executive producer of the documentary “The Business of Being Born” (which is a “must see”), collaborates with Abby Epstein, the film’s director, to provide women with as much information as possible in choosing their personal best birth method.

Your Best Birth is devoted to helping mothers “explore the full spectrum of choices you have in giving birth.” The authors define a “best birth” as “one where you feel empowered because you know all your options and are confident in the decisions you have made about your birth.” In fact they state, “we believe that you can place the health and well-being of your newborn as your highest priority and still have an optimal, empowering experience that is right for you both – whether that is in your bed, in your bathtub, in a hospital room, or on an operating table.”

Written in a conversational tone, Ricki and Abby infuse the facts with a warm and personal feeling — as if you were sitting in a café chatting with them about birth options. Some of the issues covered are: knowing your options, midwives, doulas, epidurals, c-sections, and more.

Recommendation: This is a worthwhile, quick read filled with useful resources. I wish I had this book when I was expecting. It’s terrific!

These authors’ taped interview will air on Thursday, March 4th, at 9:30 – 9:50 a.m. on It’s Your Health radio.

Fattening I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening!: Over 150 Ridiculously Easy Recipes for the Super Busy by Devin Alexander

Devin Alexander has more than her share of impressive credits. She’s a professionally trained chef, caterer, and former chef of the hit reality TV show, “The Biggest Loser;” the host of the show, “Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander” on FIT TV; and the author of “The Most Decadent Diet Ever!,” “Fast Food Fix,” and the New York Times bestsellers, “The Biggest Loser Cookbook” and “The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook.”

And now her latest book, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening!, is another winner. Why? Very simply, Devin takes America’s passion for favorite, fattening foods and turns them into them healthy and low-calorie recipes. However what’s different about this book is the emphasis on getting out of your kitchen in a flash. Devin, in essence, tackles the all-too-easy “take-out” behavior by giving busy people what they want at home. Understanding that people have cravings and want to eat foods with flavor, the author creates delicious dishes without added fat and calories. There are over 150 step-by-step, quick, easy, and non-fattening recipes and over 50 color photographs. In addition, 70% of the super quick recipes can be made with all-natural or organic ingredients.

Advice: My daughter loved the PB&J Oatmeal and I loved the fully loaded burrito pocket. So, pick up Devin’s book and get cookin!

This author will be interviewed on Thursday, March 4th, at 9:30 – 9:45 a.m. on It’s Your Health radio.

As always, please remember that all programs are archived and available for listening at your convenience.

2 thoughts on “For Your Heath and Well-Being

  1. I loved “The Business of Being Born.” I’m so glad she wrote a book. At first glance, it may seem strange that an ex-talk show host has anything meaningful to say about the topic, but if you are a skeptic I challenge you to read the book then.

  2. The problem I have with those ‘light’ cookbooks is that by the time I get done ‘tinkering’ with the recipe it’s no longer low fat!!!

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