What Our Authors Know Now

What Our Authors Know Now

Earlier this month The Divining Wand provided hindsight on what some of our authors might have done differently IF they knew then what they know now about writing as an art and a business.

Did your favorite authors answer? Perhaps you’ll discover more insight from the following:

Katie Alender (Bad Girls Don’t Die):

“I think I learn too much from every experience to wish I had done things differently. I’ve met and worked with amazing people. I’ve found my own place in the YA world, and I’ve been lucky enough to achieve success that I can be proud of. The whole journey has been fascinating and I don’t think I’d take anything back.”

Alicia Bessette (All Come Home coming in August 2010):

“Ask me again in ten years. My publishing career is pretty nascent, so I don’t have the gift of hindsight yet. But so far, I wouldn’t change a thing. The formula of gratitude, never quitting, supporting other writers, and reading a lot, seems to be working for me.”

Tish Cohen (Town House, Commonwealth Regional Finalist, Inside Out Girl, Little Black Lies):

“As an art: spent every spare second reading, dropped out of business school, done more people watching. As a business: I don’t think I’d change much. Maybe I’d have been more aware that female readers like a female protagonist.”

Jenny Gardiner (Sleeping with Ward Cleaver, Winging It: Twenty Years of Caring for a Vengeful Bird Determined to Kill Me coming March 16, 2010):

“I’d probably not have made such a fool of myself with some of the submissions I sent early on to agents and editors. But we all have to start somewhere and I grew more savvy as I learned more about the business. I don’t regret that I started out so naive because it there’s a certain optimism that comes with that ignorance that ultimately gets suppressed with the reality of the industry and that blind sense of great potential is very motivating.”

Trish Ryan (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: A Memoir of Finding Faith, Love, and Happily Ever After, A Maze of Grace: A Memoir of Second Chances coming in June):

“I just finished my second book, A MAZE OF GRACE: A MEMOIR OF SECOND CHANCES, which will be out in June. This book was much harder to write than my first, largely because I was so terrified of losing the ideas I mentioned above that I spent the first few weeks of work frantically jotting every thought that crossed my mind down onto post-its, napkins, and any other loose paper I could find. But because I didn’t write out the whole ideas, most of those fragments were indecipherable by the time I got back to them. So on the art side of writing, my new motto is “Take the time to write the WHOLE thing down…or don’t bother.”

On the business side, I’ve learned that you just never know what’s going to happen next. Publishing changes so rapidly: people, business goals, timelines. You just can’t get attached to any one person or plan to make a book succeed.”

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