From Soup to Sex to…

From Soup to Sex to…

expert literary advice, that’s what you’ll discover on three blogs by our authors, well beyond their pages.

Debutante Joëlle Anthony (Restoring Harmony YA coming May 13, 2010) offers both a writing blog and a fun blog. In fact AnthonySundaySoup allows the writer to share her passion for cooking on a site that’s described by the following:

Every Sunday afternoon we open our home to friends and family and sometimes even the occasional stranger who can prove they know us through the six degrees of separation! We serve a homemade vegetarian soup and bread and this blog is a weekly update of our fun!

This about-to-be author is a pro in the kitchen as she proclaims in her introductory Debutante Ball post, Deb Joëlle’s real talent is… knowing how to make butter!

On the other hand, Debutante Co-Founder Anna David (Party Girl, Bought) knows a lot about sex, dating and relationships. Receiving questions about these subjects for years, she recently announced: “I’ve never had the time or space to answer them before. But now I not only can do that but also can give you access to a lot of the questions I’ve already answered — on everything from AOTS to the Today show.”

Visit annalyticalanswers to read more and then check this page for specific details.

Lynnne Griffin (Life Without Summer and Sea Escape coming in Summer 2010) and Amy MacKinnnon (Tethered) know a lot about writing/publication and have transformed The Literary Maze with the Monday, September 7, 2009 post, Our Services.

In prefacing these Services, the authors acknowledge:

“The road to a published book is long and winding. We’ve worked hard and been fortunate to have our writing make its way through the labyrinth to find terrific agents and well-respected publishers. The Literary Maze is a new venture to help writers navigate the world of publishing. Through consultation on manuscripts and query letters, and insight into a book’s journey to publication, we’ll guide writers in making the most of their talents and opportunities.”

For those interested, do read the entire post.

Happy blog surfing!

[Note: The Book Giveaway for Maud Carol Markson’s Looking After Pigeon remains open until Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. EDT. To enter, please leave a comment with the most unusual first name of a “real” person you know. The winner will be announced in Thursday’s post.]

2 thoughts on “From Soup to Sex to…

  1. I really enjoyed the assortment of blogs that you’ve pointed us to today, especially Joelle Anthony’s Sunday Soup, what an enchanting idea to bring new friends into one’s home and a great reason to cook for them!

  2. Hiya! Thanks for the link to Sunday Soup. I just popped over here to see what I’ve been missing (I can’t read much on the internet, so I just drop into blogs occasionally and then catch up quickly) and found this nice surprise! Thank you. For any Betsy-Tacy book fans, I took the idea from Sunday Lunch that they had in all the Betsy books.

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