What Comes After Time of My Life

What Comes After Time of My Life

Although the paperback edition of Allison Winn Scotch’s NYT bestseller, Time of My Life, will not be available until Tuesday, August 4, 2009, the author has been busy writing her third novel and trying to come up with its title. Yesterday, in her blog post of “Well, It’s Not Free Books, But…,” Allison announced:

“I DO have a title for the next book. Hurrah!

“After much debate, back and forth, and brainstorming, we have all agreed on the title of….



“Yay! I love it! (I actually came up with it, so it’s a good thing I do.) And yes, there is a Grease subplot in the book, so the title is fitting in many more ways than one. By the way, have I even told you guys about it? I don’t think so. Wow. Okay, so here’s a little description, that I’m writing as we speak, so it might be rough around the edges, but should give you a general idea.”

Interested in the off-the-cuff synopsis? Read more…

You also may have guessed that Allison will be giving away free copies of Time of My Life so be sure to keep checking her blog.

As for “THE ONE THAT I WANT,” patience…its release date will likely be Summer 2010!

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