Revisiting Tish Cohen’s Town House

Revisiting Tish Cohen’s Town House

While not based on absolute fact one of the joys for any author has to be having your first novel discovered long after its debut…particularly when found, read, and enjoyed by another author. And that is exactly what Tish Cohen (Inside Out Girl, The Invisible Rules of The Zoe Lama, The One and Only Zoe Lama) experienced a few weeks ago when Randy Susan Meyers posted on her RedRoom blog, Summer Satisfaction Read This Week:

“Fourth of July weekend and I wasn’t swimming, sunning, or drinking gin and tonic. The first draft of my new novel screamed to be done (and by Sunday it was) but even the best of intentions need a break for the arm muscles.

“I needed a book juicy enough to suck me in, interesting enough to nourish, and with seamlessly transparent writing that could silence my infernal editing word-judge. All I wanted was to read, thank you very much.

“In TOWN HOUSE by Tish Cohen I found my answer. Jack Madigan has all the ingredients of a character I love: a fatal flaw of distinction (agoraphobia,) an attention-grabbing back story (dead mega rock star father) and a what’s-gonna-happen (his crumbling Boston townhouse, the only legacy of rock-dad, is about to be foreclosed upon.)

“There’s a stuck-in-the-seventies teenage son, a too-helpful ex-wife, a hapless chattering real estate agent, and a missing killer-turtle shell.

“The most important ingredient in a book seems to me, to be a main character (or characters) you just need to stay with. It’s like the perfect best friend or the ideal husband, somehow everything about their life is interesting. That’s Jack Madigan. You like being with him for the entire ride.”

If you have yet to visit Jack Madigan in Town Hosue — a Commonwealth Prize Regional Finalist –, why not read my April 30, 2007 post, Presenting Debutante Tish Cohen with Town House? And then share his company

As for the lovely and talented Ms. Cohen, she’s preparing for yet another debut with her YA novel, Little Black Lies, appearing in bookstores on October 13th and coming to this blog soon.

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