In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

Eve Brown-Waite, debut author of First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria: How A Peace Corps Poster Boy Won My Heart and A Third World Adventure Changed My Life was recently interviewed at The Diva Toolbox. And you can listen to the interview here. You can also find her helpful, tongue-in-cheek article, Travel Tips for Women, which advises what every woman should pack when traveling to the Third World!

Now although Jenny Gardiner (author of Sleeping with Ward Cleaver spent yesterday and today in Orlando, Florida, USA, it might have seemed a bit like the Third World. The good mom that she is, Jenny tells us — via Facebook and Twitter:

“What we do for our kids…long lines, plenty of heat, noise galore, all so she can do what she’s wanted to do for 8 years — have a go at trying out for Amer. Idol. Auditions are in about 6 cities this summer–they’re earlier than usual and maybe halfway done. Kim — we’re there till Thurs night (at the stadium all day Thurs).

“Icky stage mom desperate for lost youth cut in front of us to have face time w/ camera. Botox has frozen her face in a half-smirk/half-kiss look. Must not have gotten the memo on aging gracefully.

“Someone is drumming. A lot. Who brings drums to a singing competition?

“So registration went pretty well. We were done by 9 — yay! Just as the heat started getting oppressive. Info on what NOT to bring tomorrow, in case you had to ask: air mattresses, fireworks, hibachi grills, illegal drugs, weapons, including swords, forged or carved, from any of the middle ages. I’m wondering if someone once actually tried to bring a medieval sword in, and if so, why?

“Oh and the group song everyone will sing all day long at auditions on Thursday is one I already loathe, so after hearing it re-sung about 2000 times I will especially hold it in my heart fondly…It is Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. We’re supposed to know the lyrics by then, by the way. Right-o…”

With fingers crossed for Jenny’s daughter, our fingers are also crossed that a few of the characters the author “meets” in Orlando will appear someday in one of her books. 😉

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