Jennifer McMahon’s Dismantled

Jennifer McMahon’s Dismantled


Although Kristina Riggle’s Real Life & Liars debuts today, Founder Deb Jennifer McMahon (New York Times bestselling author of Promise Not To Tell and Island of Lost Girls) also celebrates this day with the release of her third adult novel, Dismantled.

In reading from the book’s front cover: “One of the brightest new stars in literary suspense.”__Los Angeles Times, those of us who waltzed along with that Debutante Class of 2007 always knew that Jennifer’s success was imminent. Her Wednesday posts were laid bare with emotion — either raw and chilling or poignantly heartbreaking –, yet always beautiful. The reluctant Deb claimed to want to be Peter Pan and never grow up, however she has.

Here’s a Synopsis of Dismantled:

“The New York Times bestselling author of the acclaimed Island of Lost Girls and Promise Not to Tell returns with a chilling novel in which the secrets of the past come back to haunt a group of friends in terrifying ways.

Dismantlement = Freedom

“Henry, Tess, Winnie, and Suz banded together in college to form a group they called the Compassionate Dismantlers. Following the first rule of their manifesto—”To understand the nature of a thing, it must be taken apart”—these daring misfits spend the summer after graduation in a remote cabin in the Vermont woods committing acts of meaningful vandalism and plotting elaborate, often dangerous, pranks. But everything changes when one particularly twisted experiment ends in Suz’s death and the others decide to cover it up.

“Nearly a decade later, Henry and Tess are living just an hour’s drive from the old cabin. Each is desperate to move on from the summer of the Dismantlers, but their guilt isn’t ready to let them go. When a victim of their past pranks commits suicide—apparently triggered by a mysterious Dismantler-style postcard—it sets off a chain of eerie events that threatens to engulf Henry, Tess, and their inquisitive nine-year-old daughter, Emma.

“Is there someone who wants to reveal their secrets? Is it possible that Suz did not really die—or has she somehow found a way back to seek revenge?

“Full of white-knuckle tension with deeply human characters caught in circumstances beyond their control, Jennifer McMahon’s gripping story and spine-tingling plot prove that she is a master at weaving the fear of the supernatural with the stark realities of life.”

Now read the Critical Praise for Dismantled:

“Outstanding…By alternating the present-day lives with the origins of the Dismantlers, McMahon allows the inexorable sense of dread to build incrementally. Perhaps most memorable are not the young artists but Emma, a child whose intense imagination only adds fuel to the slow-burning fire.” __Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“In her third, elegantly spooky mystery revolving around the vulnerability of a young girl and a haunting past, McMahon fashions a fresh and entrancing ghost-in-the-woods tale replete with startling psychoses, delectable Hitchcockian motifs, and dangerous attractions.”__Booklist

“A failed marriage. A long-buried secret. A lonely child’s imaginary friend. From these simple ingredients, Jennifer McMahon has constructed a fun, twisty thriller. Expect DISMANTLED to earn comparisons to THE SECRET HISTORY.”
__Stewart O’Nan, author of SONGS FOR THE MISSING

“McMahon’s gift is the deliciously twisty way she subverts all your expectations, keeping you guessing with wry wit and feverish chills.”__People

And, by clicking this widget, you can Browse Inside and read the beginning of Dismantled:

Dismantled is available for purchase at IndieBound, Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Just imagine some of us knew her when…. Congratulations Jennifer!

One thought on “Jennifer McMahon’s Dismantled

  1. First of all, Jennifer’s covers are always breathtakingly beautiful! Second of all, the story sounds fantastic, and how great to see another of my “big sisters” go on to find such success.

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