Author News and Thank Yous

Author News and Thank Yous

CJ Lyons WARNING SIGNS was one of the books featured in Barbara Vey’s Publishers Weekly blog yesterday! What great press, CJ, congratulations….

Also yesterday, Katie Alender’s post, So much for being a housewife announced the news that her YA novel, Bad Girls Don’t Die, is going to be a series! Indeed, there are going to be “two more books full of spooky shenanigans with Alexis and pals, with Book 2 set to release in Spring of 2011.” How thrilling and deserved!

And now I’d like to acknowledge two authors/friends who supported and believed that this site and role were my “inevitable.” They’re “Special K’s,” with the first one being Kristy Kiernan. Almost all know her name and brilliant work — Catching Genius and Matters of Faith –, and then there are those of us who know her by having been touched by her visionary mind and generous heart. Kristy acted as a sounding board, advisor and co-dreamer on this project. True, it was my idea, yet when “K” declares something to be “brilliant”…you have to see it through! Yesterday, she paid me the ultimate compliment with her blog post, The Divining Wand – Choosing Authors as Friends. Thank you Kristy for being an author and friend.

Katie Alender is my second “Special K” and well on her way to being Kristy Kiernan, Jr. More than a talented and skillful writer, Katie — like Kristy — is a meaningful storyteller. And then there are all of her other interests, including Photoshop “hobbyist.” Are you getting the picture? 😉 Yes, that’s correct, this “gorgeous,” “knockout,” “lovely,” and “amazing” site was put together by Katie. The design, images and ideas were mine but Katie created/perfected every little detail down to the fingers waving The Divining Wand. Thank you Katie for being an author and friend.

The Divining Wand will now wrap up its first week, running on a four day post schedule to allow for gathering more content, filling more pages, and reading more books. Have a wonderful weekend and do return on Monday because there’s yet another novel about to be released!

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