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It’s Been Divine!

August 30, 2012 By: larramiefg Category: Site Info

To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun? __Katherine Graham

Although I only recently discovered the above quote, it expresses my life as a blogger for the past six years. What began as a desire to help get the word out about one debut author took on its own energy, gathering more authors/books every year. A bookcase — standing across the room — is a testament to the fact. The shelves are “jammed” with every writers’ work that has been presented first on Seize a Daisy and here on The Divining Wand. In addition to having fun, I learned, evolved, and hopefully shared the behind-the-scenes dedication/determination that create magic for all who love to read.

As much as I love to read, help, and share, I’m also creatively curious. This journey that began in 2006 has reached the inevitable fork in the road or, more appropriately, the question of “what if” I channeled my energy in another direction? It’s time to find out, time for me to move on.

It’s been a privilege and pleasure to have played the role of literary Fairy Godmother. And yes I will miss authors, friends, readers. However now I can return to being just a fan, someone looking for a fresh new read….someone ready to seize a bunch of daisies!

Thank you for your trust and believing, it’s been divine!

As ever —