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Holiday Greetings!

December 20, 2010 By: larramiefg Category: Reader's Holiday Greetings

[During this Season of giving and sharing, The Divining Wand’s readers would like to thank their authors/friends for this past year and wish them Holiday Greetings. The next few weeks will feature universal as well as personal nods to writers who share with us throughout the year. Happy Holidays!]

To all authors

Believe it or not, 2010 was the year I discovered this wonderful thing called the book blog. I know for many that seems strange, but before this year I tended to use my computer for pretty basic things: work, email or occasionally checking Facebook. Then one day I stumbled upon a book blog and fell in love! Here was a whole community of people who were as obsessed with reading as I was. Who knew?! While discovering all these exciting reviewers I also began to learn more about the authors I had already grown to love as well as discover new authors to begin mooning over. One of the most interesting and informative blogs I have found is the Divining Wand and, through it, I have learned so much about authors who are now my favorites that I feel like we are almost friends (I swear if I met some of the authors in a coffee shop I wouldn’t be able to help myself from going up and starting a conversation like I just spoke with them yesterday). I also got the opportunity to win books by some of these old and new friends of mine, which helped me discover so much more about them.

Something that has surprised me most of all is how open, warm and giving these authors are. I had always thought of the writers of the books I absorbed as out there somewhere, being witty, intriguing and far too busy and important to think of the people reading their creations. Lo and behold, I find authors like Jennifer Weiner and Sarah Pekkanen continually reaching out to their readers and not only answering their questions but also giving the reader opportunities to win MORE books to fall in love with! I also found authors, like Melanie Benjamin and Kate Morton, who were willing to send out bookplates to people who could not make it to a book signing but coveted a signed copy anyways (a signed copy of a book, to me, just makes it that much more precious). When I have read a book and emailed or wrote a message on Facebook that I loved it so many times the authors actually wrote back that they appreciate the sentiment! This might seem like something small, but I have learned that this reciprocal appreciation means so much to the people involved. To know that an author hears me and appreciates my love for their books is truly touching. And, it seems, hearing that someone out there loved your books seems to touch a cord as well. I never thought of the authors working day and night on something so important to them and then having to release it into the world in hopes it finds a home. To find that it not only found a home, but a loving, cozy space to live seems to confirm that what they are doing is important and needed. For all you authors out there, my new and appreciated friends, what you do IS important and needed. In the kind of world we live in a little escapism, enjoyment and even at times emotional release is so appreciated. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the hours of joy you have given me, and the hours of joy to come. I hope you all have a Happy Holiday!

Colleen Turner