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Holiday Greetings!

December 21, 2010 By: larramiefg Category: Reader's Holiday Greetings

[During this Season of giving and sharing, The Divining Wand’s readers would like to thank their authors/friends for this past year and wish them Holiday Greetings. The next few weeks will feature universal as well as personal nods to writers who share with us throughout the year. Happy Holidays!]

My Christmas Greeting to Eileen Cook

Who doesn’t love Eileen Cook? She’s smart and funny and one of my favorite virtual writery friends.

We first met through our blogs. It’s my guess, because I can’t recall with accuracy, that I most likely stalked her and not the other way around. Yet, she was always generous with her knowledge and time, most specifically about query letters.

She was so incredibly generous that she actually offered to help me hone one of those letters. WHOA! I’m happy to report, that Eileenified query got me lots of requests. An agent, who rejected it, corresponded with me concerning the manuscript and offered amazing advice on how to tweak it. I believe it was because of Eileen’s help that the agent’s initial curiosity was peaked and the conversation began.

I like to think that I take Eileen’s generosity of her craft with me, especially as I find my own niche. I will never forget that she not only offered, but was true to her word, to help a fellow blogger/writer polish a letter that amazingly opened a few doors (by rough draft #5, I’m sure she was questioning her offer). I find that as I grow as a writer, I look for opportunities to help those behind me; an Eileen Cook paying-it-forward if you will.

In honor of Eileen’s quirky blog and her where-did-she-find-that links, I’ll end with a link to a story that appeals to the runner in me. “Join us this winter for a 5k run….in a gorilla suit.”

Hope this gave you a laugh Eileen, and if it didn’t, would it help to know I am seriously contemplating participating?! Thanks for all you have done, not only for me, but for all of those lucky enough to call you friend via stalking your blog.

Merry Christmas!


7 Comments to “From: Readers/Friends
To: TDW Authors/Friends

Holiday Greetings!

  1. Great post, Patti!

    I am also Team Eileen all the way. I “e-met” her this year through the Debutante Ball, and she has been amazingly gracious and helpful not only to me, but to all of us just starting out.

    As for the Gorilla Run… wow… I am getting very tempted to visit Austin in a large primate suit…



  2. I get a kick out of Eileen’s blog, and I enjoyed hearing this story about how generous she is. Thanks for sharing!

  3. elise: lurv her! and running in a gorilla suit speaks to me 🙂

    keetha: she’s a doll. well, not a real doll, that would just be weird.

  4. Sniff.

    Thank you so much Patti (and everyone else) and Larramie for organizing this site. I’ve had so many wonderful writers help me I am happy to have a chance to give back. And Patti’s a great writer- that’s why her query is getting requests!

  5. eileen: thanky ma’am. (good job. just like we discussed. the check is in the mail!)

  6. Eileen is definitely one of the peas in my pod and a star in my sky! Great feature, Larramie.

  7. joelle: i love how we all love her ♥


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